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Meet Bonnie, Our Featured Member of the Season!

Bonnie has been with WYC since the early days. We adore having her in class and having her in our yoga community is an absolute treat! Thank you, Bonnie!

Our fabulous Jake interviewed Bonnie! Take a look and listen in the video below!

Tell me about your experience with yoga: how it began, where it has taken you, and how yoga has impacted your life.

I was a jogger in my 30s and 40s and started aerobics in my 50s. My journey with yoga began in my 60s and has become an essential part of my life as I am now in my 70s and approaching the milestone of 80 in 2023. Yoga has definitely helped me physically with flexibility and balance. Also, as an artist, it provides me with time for reflection and sometimes I even get an idea for a new work of art. I also tend to get myself overextended with volunteer work, family etc. and yoga helps me slow down and think about what is important.

What are your favorite styles of yoga / classes?

I like flow classes as think this helps me maintain good mobility and planks etc. are strength building.

What’s your favorite pose and why?

In my early yoga days, I would say half moon. Today, I would say it is between pyramid and camel…I can still achieve these poses.

What do you do when you’re not practicing yoga?

Work in my stained glass studio making panels and other works of art featuring stained glass. Also, involved, as a volunteer, with HART theatre as a Past Board President and Fundraising Chair and Planned Parenthood as a past Board Chair. Another favorite activity is walking Lake Junaluska.

Tell me something funny or unexpected about you.

I lived in Cuba for 2 years and my daughter was born there.

Breathing Out into the Deeper Day

Trees don’t go to therapy when they lose their leaves.” – Star Wolf

Like golden leaves in the shortening days of Autumn, life’s circumstances prompt us to adapt and change. Our SBW workshop planned for early October has been transformed by the expected winds and waters of hurricane Ian. Those winds of change have landed us into late October, offering an opportunity to breathe into the deeper days of Autumn.
All of life moves in cycles, and from light to dark, from full to empty, Nature is preparing for the Death that is an essential part of the Rebirth that must follow. We humans are not separate from these cycles.
Modern life has perhaps made it more challenging to notice and connect to our natural rhythms, but with intention we can invite in the space to enable our participation in these natural cycles to benefit our personal growth.
Join us for Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork on October 29 from 1:30-5:30pm. This sacred journey takes you deep within, supports your release of what no longer serves you, and helps you connect to your higher heart and supportive energies for grounding your next steps.
As the shifting winds now aid the release of the year’s leaves from the branch, our breath and our awareness can support the changes we need to make in our lives. With deep exhale, let’s help each other move with ease into who we are ready to become!

What does aging gracefully mean to you?

Let’s be honest, if we are lucky enough to have the privilege of growing old, most of us don’t really look at aging as the gift that it can be. Our culture is constantly pushing anti-aging products, diets, surgeries and all kinds of wacky and extreme ways to avoid getting older and (god forbid) looking older. Aging is seen by many as something to fight and resist as if we can actually stop it from happening.

We are inundated with images and accolades to youth and the young on a daily basis. No wonder many of us head into old age with resistance and trepidation- because we are getting messages from our society that our best life is over and winding down.

How much energy are we wasting fighting what is a natural and beautiful process?

What if we stopped trying so hard to avoid aging and instead embraced and accepted the wisdom and experiences of our earlier years to design and craft our best years as we age?

Can we find ways to share our wisdom and experience with others so we feel valued and seen?


What if we used the breath and gravity to surrender and accept all the transitions and changes in our lives as we age to find freedom and acceptance or grace?

As yoga practitioners and teachers, we have a unique opportunity to rewrite the script on aging for ourselves and our students! As we move into the Vata stage of life, we can ground ourselves in the knowledge that we have the wisdom and experience to shift out of the Pitta phase of life- with all it’s activity and doing as we raised kids and had careers; now we can move into the introspection of being and absorb the fruits of our labors. We worked hard in our earlier years and now we have the time and space to enjoy and savor the quiet moments and small wonderful things in life!

In this immersion, we will explore how to adapt and change yoga poses and our yoga practice as we age for a variety of reasons and how to work on our mindset as much or more than the physical shifts that can happen as we age.

In other words, we CAN age gracefully!

by Jay MacDonald



10 Tips for a Great First Yoga Class

1. Taking your first yoga class is a huge leap of bravery and courage. I hear all the time from newbies the fears they have of passing gas or really any emission of air either from either end in class. One helpful thing to keep in mind is avoiding any large or heavy meals for at least 2 hours before class! If you have to eat, keep it light. And if the worst happens, act casual and maybe they will think it was your mat neighbor.

2. Show up early. Make a point to come early to the studio, about 10-15 minutes, so you have time to sign in, get oriented to the space, meet and greet the instructor, and get settled on your mat with your props. This is a much easier transition onto your mat than coming in hot and frazzled.

3. Read the class description. I can not tell you how many times I have had people come to my classes and they just saw ‘yoga’ in the class description and assumed that was all they needed to know. There are so many different styles and levels of classes that it really helps to know what you are getting into when you take any class.

4. Leave your ego on the shoe rack with your shoes. It is always humbling to try something new and we are hard wired to want to keep up with everyone else and do whatever the group is doing, which is the opposite of what yoga is supposed to be about. Yoga should meet you where you are on any given day so remember to treat your body kindly and choose the pose variation that works best for your body. This is hard to do but essential for a safe and satisfying yoga practice.

5. Don’t talk yourself out of the props that you need. Props are an essential tool for many to find freedom and ease in many yoga poses, yet I find many will turn them down thinking that they are a crutch or only for beginners. If a prop makes any pose more accessible or comfortable then why deny yourself that help. You may not need them every time but when you do, use them!

6. You are flying the plane. I love this quote from “Your Body, Your Yoga” by Bernie Clark because it is an important reminder that YOU are in charge of your body and your movement. YOU know your body better than anyone and you can choose what works for you in any pose and what does not work for you in any pose. Instructors are just guiding you through a movement practice as opposed to drill instructors barking orders at recruits. YOU are in charge!

7. Know how you learn. For example, if you are a visual learner then choose a spot in the class room where you can SEE the teacher. I know it is tempting to hide in the back but you may struggle following along if you can not get a good visual. If you are an auditory learner, then position yourself so you can hear the teacher, especially if your hearing is better on one side than the other!

8. Bring your sense of humor. Yoga does not have to be so serious and intense all the time. It is ok to laugh at yourself when trying something new. Yoga can be awkward at times so why not embrace the awkward and have some fun with it!

9. Come as you are with an open mind and an open heart. The clothes don’t matter so much as long as you are comfortable and can move easily and comfortably. Having an open mind and heart to the experience of yoga allows us to shift away from judgment and criticism to a place of acceptance and peace.

10. Be here now! The main reason we practice yoga is to fully bring our mind, body and spirit into the present moment and live fully in that moment with awareness! The past moments have passed and the future moments have not happened yet. The only place to affect change is the present moment!

Jay MacDonald is the owner of WYC and has been teaching yoga classes for over 20 years. She started practicing yoga over 30 years ago after a back injury in her college days and has never stopped because yoga has kept her healthy and sane.

Jay believes that all of us stay healthier and happier by staying mobile and active as much as we can in whatever form that takes. Come visit her in one of her classes.

What a journey it’s been to our 5th birthday!

At the very beginning <3

When people used to ask me about opening my own yoga studio, I would roll my eyes and shrug it off, laughing, saying, “ I have no interest in doing that….way too much work!” I really believed that and felt that way for many years. It really was much easier to show up to the fitness center, clock in to teach then clock out and leave- sure I had the occasional meeting and net-learning stuff but not really that big of a hassle, right!?

About five years ago, my husband and I bought the former Prospect Hill B&B looking to move his offices into that space. Initially, we were thinking maybe a cafe or small restaurant might go downstairs, but when we realized we would have to renovate the commercial kitchen, that idea was scrapped. My husband suggested one day that I should open a yoga studio and I just looked at him and my immediate reaction was “NO! Too much work!” But the seed had been planted and it started to germinate and grow.

The truth was that after teaching for the fitness center for 14 years, I was starting to feel stuck and little stale in my teaching and that job. It would have been so easy to stay and keep doing the same old over and over again because I did love the people that I taught there and most of them had been in my classes for several years. The thought of leaving that job frankly made me a little nauseous and nervous, but I started to seriously consider what that might mean for me and my teaching career. I decided to investigate and look into some options thinking things will fall into place if it is meant to be- and of course some things did and some did not!

I had worked with and been friends with Leigh-Ann for some years and I knew she had studio management experience in addition to being a yoga teacher. She was also working for my husband at the time and I know she would be in the building already which seemed pretty convenient. I had already decided if she was not in and open to doing it with me then that was a sign that I should not move forward, but as you know by now, she was all in and the yoga center started to take shape!

I had known Jerica for a while through a mutual friend and just had an instinct that she would be a great asset to have for all the back end stuff from a management perspective and she has been a rock star like Leigh Ann. The three of us starting working together and the studio really started to come together and take shape as we made what seemed like a million decisions on paint colors, software, logos, signs, mission statements and values. And just like that, my third baby, the Waynesville Yoga Center was born out of our love of yoga and wanting to bring this to our community!

And a few years into the party, Jake joined our team and Natalie followed soon after. Jake is the smiling face that most of you see every morning when you come in and Natalie is the smiling face behind the scenes like Jerica keeping the WYC machine running smoothly and efficiently! It takes a village, for sure!

Over the last five years, we have weathered a renovation, a flood from our washing machine, and Covid. My prophecy of “too much work” did come to pass on some days. What I did not anticipate, as many new parents can’t, is the joy and happiness that comes with sharing and connecting with others- something that we love so much- so that the hard work is worth it more often than not. We can do hard things and come out richer and wiser for it in the end. Just like with a new baby, the sleepless nights and long hard days are worth it as you get the privilege of watching your new baby grow and change to become themselves.

I am profoundly grateful for my staff and teachers as they have been incredibly flexible and adaptable throughout this process as we navigated some of these challenges and other growing pains. I hear all the time how amazing our teachers and staff are and believe me when I say that I am so thankful for each and every one of them. The community that we have nurtured and fed at our studio is something special and many that come through have commented that they can feel that sense of being welcomed to our space.

Our members and patrons have been the backbone of our studio, steadfast in their loyalty, and they are the reason that we are still here in business serving the community. We thank each one of them from the bottoms of our hearts for staying with us through some challenging times over the last five years. You are the reason that we do what we do and we never forget that!


Happy Birthday to us!

With so much gratitude,


Meet Kirstin, Our Featured Staff Member of the Season!

Kirstin has been teaching AMAZING classes at Waynesville Yoga Center for years! Join Kirstin for Flow and Yin every Thursday at 10:30 AM and for Mixed-Level Flow every other Sunday at 12 PM. Thank you, Kirstin!

Our fabulous Jake interviewed Kirstin! Take a look and a listen in the video below!

Tell me about your experience with yoga: how it began, where it has taken you, and how yoga has impacted your life.

The first time I took a yoga class it was a disaster. And not just because I signed up for it with my boyfriend at the time. The teacher was rigid, and there was no space to be a learner. She criticized every pose I came into, from the very beginning. Apparently I could even do Child’s Pose wrong. I abandoned the class after about three sessions. And the boyfriend not long after. It was more than ten years later that I had the guts to try it again. A friend was becoming a yoga teacher and was offering some free classes. She invited me to come try it, promising that the experience would be different. It was. She taught with grace and humor, and showed me that I didn’t need to be flexible, or already know how to do the poses in order to practice yoga. This sweet woman is still a dear friend and I tell her regularly how much I appreciate the gift of yoga she gave me. I’d been an athlete most of my life, playing soccer and Ultimate Frisbee, and stretching very little. Yoga was the physical balance I needed. I learned over time that it was the spiritual and emotional balance I needed, as well. I have, at times, wandered away from my practice, and every time I’ve come back, I’ve discovered again that I need it for so many reasons. I love what yoga teaches me about my body, about patience and letting go of outcomes. Practicing yoga has helped deepen my spiritual life, which has helped me grow into myself more and more. There always seem to be new levels to get to internally, and yoga has opened those doors for me in ways I’m not sure I could have found otherwise. When I had the opportunity to be part of the first YTT class that WYC offered, I jumped in. I could not have found a better fit for me. The focus on fitting poses to our bodies, rather than forcing our bodies into “ideal” versions of a pose, was like an antidote to my first yoga experience. It gave me a path other than “perfection” to strive for, one that was more about understanding myself. I am deeply grateful to be part of the WYC community, as a teacher and as a student.

What are your favorite styles of yoga / classes?

Honestly, whatever style I’m doing at the time seems to be my favorite. I know that sounds trite, but I mean it. I love paying attention to what I’m drawn to at any given time and following that. I enjoy teaching flow classes, and love Sun Salutations. Yin is wonderful for the deep work, both physical and mental, that it brings. I love the slower pace of Gentle and Restorative classes and the relaxing vibe of them. Recently, I’ve been in the mood for a challenge, and so have been enjoying Iron Yoga and Barre classes.

What’s your favorite pose and why?

That answer probably varies with the day, but in general I always love supine twists. They give me a sense of wringing my body out and I appreciate how small adjustments can target different areas.

What do you do when you’re not practicing yoga?

I write every morning, mostly fiction. I love creating characters and stories and giving them voice. I also take pottery classes, which is beyond fun. My husband and I enjoy hiking and backpacking, especially with our two dogs, Artie and Sam. Said dogs also allow me to accompany them on morning walks or runs, which is a lovely start to the day. After several years of working as a chaplain in healthcare settings, I am enjoying now the different pace of life I have here.

Tell me something funny or unexpected about you.

I have a vast and eclectic storehouse of song lyrics in my brain, from 80s and 90s music to rap to hymns. When I get started singing, as my husband will attest, it is sometimes difficult to get me to stop until I finish the song.

Yoga for Special Considerations Immersion Workshop

As a yoga instructor, I often hear “I would love to do yoga but I have ______ and I am nervous to try it because of this issue.” Many new yoga students and even seasoned yoga students can have trepidation about practicing yoga if there is a chronic condition or a new injury or development that could potentially change how they practice. 

I also hear from newer instructors that they sometimes get nervous if someone comes into their class and has a condition or injury that they are unfamiliar with and are not sure how exactly to instruct their student to change or adapt their practice in this instance. Even if they are familiar with different conditions or situations, every student is unique and may have more than one issue or special consideration that can make adapting yoga poses a bit more challenging. 

Imagine as a student, having the comfort and confidence to adapt any yoga practice for your comfort and stability. How nice would it be to know that you could take care of yourself no matter who is teaching the class? 

Imagine as a teacher, having the confidence and knowledge to offer options and suggestions in any pose or class that would best serve your students. Wouldn’t it feel good to take care of your students so they feel comfortable in your classes? 

In most yoga classes, there are participants who may need a little extra care and attention during that class. It is important to know why you are offering options to them so you can explain, if necessary, so they understand the point of them and can find what works best for them. Yoga instruction is a collaborative effort between the instructor and the student to find what works best for them. This is why knowing the “why” of what you are teaching is important for your students so they can understand the goal and purpose of any modifications you may offer and decide for themselves what works and what does not work for them. 

It can be a game changer for your students when you have the knowledge and expertise to move them through yoga classes and yoga poses no matter what they may be dealing with on their mat that day in that shape.


Join Lynda Saffell and I July 8th – 10th for this incredible immersion workshop to broaden your knowledge of a wide variety of special considerations and how best to adapt your teaching, classes and poses to best serve your students needs and see to their comfort! You will be so glad you did!

Interested to learn more? Check out the deets here!

Meet Christina, Our Featured Staff Member of the Season!

Christina Kirkpatrick is our Featured Member!

Christina has been a member with WYC since 2019 and has been a wonderful part of our yoga community. Thank you, Christina!

Our fabulous Jake interviewed Christina! Take a look and a listen in the video below!

Tell me about your experience with yoga: how it began, where it has taken you, and how yoga has impacted your life.

I found my joy when I found yoga . I mean really found it. Life came back to me after joining WYC. I was stuck in my daily routine, going back to school and then trauma impacted my family. I have exercised and done yoga for years but never really practiced yoga. I am now in the pose in the breathe in my heart. I am so ever grateful for my yogi family and feel WYC brings me joy. I have decided to choose joy

What are your favorite styles of yoga / classes?

Buti, iron yoga and Restorative, Jake’s and jams

What’s your favorite pose and why?

Plank – I feel so strong when I hold this pose. My whole body is engaged while breathing through each limb.

What do you do when you’re not practicing yoga?

Ride my Harley, lift weights, roller skate, dance, hang out with my friends, hike walk/run play with my family

Tell me something funny or unexpected about you.

I talk haywoodian, it takes me 30 minutes to say hi. I also mispronounced sits bone and called it shitsbone

Meet Jerica, Our Featured Staff Member of the Season!

Jerica Rossi is our Wizard of Oz behind the curtain!

She supports WYC in scheduling classes, workshops, retreats, she runs the marketing for emails and social media, and she makes sure our community is taken care of! And she does all of this from several states over! We are so excited to have Jerica as our Featured Staff Member of the Season. Thank you, Jerica, for everything you do!

Our fabulous Jake interviewed Jerica! Take a look and a listen in the video below!


Tell me about your experience with yoga: how it began, where it has taken you, and how yoga has impacted your life.

My love for yoga began while I was interning at a sustainable living center in Thailand, where I was learning earthen building and organic farming after college. One of the other interns offered morning sessions in this gorgeous cob building as the sun was rising- and I remember feeling like I’d never been taller and more present; it felt like it’d cracked me open to more joy and strength. Since then, my mat and practice has always been somewhere to turn and I’ve loved taking it around the country and world on my travels, as it’s something that I feel enhances my embrace of a place. I moved around for the majority of my twenties, so yoga was also a place to feel at home while exploring and something to share with new friends along the way. Over the past few years, I’ve found myself interested in the philosophical side of yoga, energy work, Ayurveda, chakra healing, and expanding my flexibility. It’s a journey that will always be unfolding.

What are your favorite styles of yoga / classes?

I’ll take my yoga yummy, relaxing, challenging flexibly, or explorative. Hot yoga has been a great medicine during the winter, and restorative during the planting and harvesting seasons, but a fluid vinyasa with some great beats is my dessert- ya know, when you’re really IN the rhythm.

What’s your favorite pose and why?

I was a headstand junkie as a kid, and have always loved hanging about in Tree Pose, but ultimately it’s Goddess Pose. I love rocking it out and stretching my hips. It’s a pose that makes me feel like I’m aligned with my power.

What do you do when you’re not practicing yoga?

My partner and I live on a homestead and sell organic produce – so we’re always getting in the soil, going to market, trying a new dish in the kitchen, finding a way to process whatever we have that’s about to go to waste, or planning a little getaway. We live along a creek in the forest, so creek walks, wildcrafting, forest bathing and hammocking are always in order- unless I’m busy at work on the computer for Waynesville Yoga Center 🙂

Tell me something funny or unexpected about you.

I speak Indonesian and have lived, traveled, and studied on several of the archipelago’s islands. Around 23, I became fascinated by Jane Goodall and the great apes, which inspired me to go to Sumatra to see the critically endangered Orangutan. One of my fondest memories in Indonesia was hiking through the dense jungle, nervous that I might not catch a glimpse of the elusive creature in the wild. I began repelling down a waterfall and when I looked up there was a mama and baby on a limb watching me with their big ole human-like eyes- and then kissed. It was magical.

What is Ashtanga Yoga and Why Would Anyone Do It Ever?

by Natalie Lembeck

My first experience with Ashtanga Yoga was in 2018 during my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. I had a regular flow vinyasa practice but had never taken a strictly Ashtanga class. I figured it would be similar enough to other styles of yoga that I had practiced and that I would have an easy time with it, more or less. Well, let me tell you: I was wrong. Once we got to the seated postures, all I could think about was how many vinyasas are in this sequence?? and who would ever do this?? Of course, we all had the option to skip vinyasas and watch, but my stubborn ego was in the way and I kept trying and exhausting myself. I was so frustrated by the practice that I refused to attend another. It would have been another year and a half before I tried Ashtanga Yoga again.

Late in 2019, I was ready to become a yoga instructor myself. The manager of the studio I practiced at in Washington, DC interviewed me and invited me to take 2 weeks of yoga classes for free, encouraging me to try the Mysore room, as that was where many of the other instructors and owner practiced and taught. Even though it was out of my comfort zone, I thought it would be the best opportunity to get to know the owner and other instructors. The first time I poked my head into the Mysore room, I was astounded. It was nothing like any led yoga class I had ever experienced. Everyone was doing their own practice, the room was hot, and the only sound you could hear was the ujjayi-like breath of 20+ yogis. It was magical. So, I tried Ashtanga Yoga again — this time expecting to practice for 2 weeks, get the offer to become an instructor, and return to my regular scheduled programming of led vinyasa classes. Oh, how wrong I was…again.

I fell in love with Ashtanga. The tradition, the philosophy, the way it presents you with the exact lesson you need to learn. The way you continually meet your ego and learn how to soften. The way it opens the body and reveals your wounds buried in your tissues — sometimes gently, sometimes not. But always, always with the support of the practice to guide you deeper into your healing. And, while the physical practice can be impressive, it is never about the acrobatics. It is the process that brings you deeper into the real practice of Yoga. It is the tools of Ashtanga (eight limbs):Yamas (ethical restraints), Niyamas (duties or observances), Asana (posture) Pranayama (breath), Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), and Dharana (concentration) that guide you to the one-pointed focus of the mind, Dhyana (mediation) and eventually to Ultimate Bliss, Samadhi, and Oneness with all that is, Yoga. It is truly accessible and available to anyone, if you allow it to be. The practice meets you where you are. And as the saying goes, “Practice, and all is coming.”

Head to our class calendar or event page to see when you can catch an Ashtanga class with Natalie!

  • “I waited years looking for the right yoga teacher training program and WYC was definitely the reason why. I’m absolutely convinced I could not have found a program that was more creative, inclusive, or supportive. I would definitely attribute that to the meticulous design of the curriculum and incredibly talented teachers you brought in to lead so many cool facets of the course. You drew in some of the most amazing students with all this awesomeness and I’ve been so thrilled to learn alongside them this year so thank you, thank you, thank you for every last delicious bit of it.”

    – CJH

  • “Jay met me prior to class to help me polish my yoga teaching skills. I really appreciate her willingness to meet and teach me to make me a better instructor.”

    – Brooke H.

  • “One of the things I have loved about the program is that we are not just learning how to teach certain poses; I have been learning things I didn’t even know I could learn about yoga in general, including about the subtle energies, how they tie to both anatomy and the philosophy of yoga.”

    – 2019 YTT Student

  • “WYC YTT has given me such tremendous depth in my practice of yoga on and off the mat. I’ve loved seeing my evolution this year as I learned all the ways I can add yoga to my home and work life. I started just expecting to build a stronger personal practice, but now I am so excited to see where this will all take me in the years to come.”

    – 2019 YTT Student

  • “YTT provided me with the tools and knowledge to deepen my own yoga practice and help others with theirs. This program challenged me in unforeseen ways and I am so thankful to have experienced this journey with such incredible teachers and fellow students. It was truly a life-changing experience.”

    – Hayley P.

  • “With all of my health issues, I never would have believed I could ever learn to teach yoga. WYC’s Real Yoga for Real Bodies built my confidence as a leader, reminding me that my journey is my strength, and I will actually be a better teacher because of the challenges I’ve experienced. Thank you so much for creating a program that encouraged us to bring the beauty and the beast through this incredible transformation.”

    – CJH

  • I signed up for YTT thinking I had time to myself to focus on me, but the world has other plans. It’s still the best decision I’ve made, and I am so grateful that what I have learned has come to me at a time that I can apply it to so much real world trauma. This YTT has been a saving grace!

    – Kim T.

  • “When I first began practicing yoga, it seemed like the more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I bought a few books but still didn’t feel like a real student of the practice of yoga. When the 200 hour YTT was offered, I saw it as the perfect chance to really expand my knowledge. I have come to realize that with this deep dive into the practice of yoga, I have a strong knowledge bank that will allow me to continue to expand my knowledge of yoga for years to come.”

    – Jann F.

  • “That special moment when your body, mind and spirit blend into a yummy synchronized yogic OHMMMMMMM……..yeah, YTT has given me like a hundred of those so far! You guys are awesome!”

    – 2019 YTT Student

  • “Amber, you’re an incredible teacher! You are a natural at creating flows that challenge and inspire your students.”

    – Michelle G.C.

  • “What has set the program apart for me, as well, is the approach to teaching that encourages us not to focus on a “perfect” pose, but rather perfecting a pose within our bodies and the bodies of our students. This means everyone’s expression of a pose will be slightly different, and there is such beauty in that. It runs counter to so much that we are taught elsewhere in life.”

    – Kristen, B

  • “Since I started taking classes at Waynesville Yoga Center, I can now go down the stairs ‘normally’, instead of one foot at a time. I’m really pleased with how these classes are helping me.”

    – Carol L.

  • “I woke up one morning and realized I was 60 years old, that I could live well into my 80s and that I had to do something to improve my strength and stamina if I wanted a good quality of life. I was caring for small grandchildren periodically, and it exhausted me.

    As soon as I saw Waynesville Yoga Center was opening, I came. I am so thankful to Jay for a place where I feel safe, not self-conscious, and where I can attend classes that benefit me without feeling in competition with anyone else. Restorative and Yin have improved my flexibility and meditation skills; Beginner Flow, Flow Level 1 and Gentle Chair Yoga have increased my strength and balance and also challenged me, as has Barre and Balance!

    I feel better than I ever have – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have met so many new friends. All of the instructors I have had are wonderful and willing to share of themselves. Thank you, Jay, your endeavor is making a tremendous difference in so many lives!”

    – Terri M.

  • “My experience during my YTT at WYC has not only increased my confidence on the mat but has opened up endless possibilities and opportunities for a courageous, confident, and grateful life off the mat. “

    – Teresa F.

  • “Jay takes time to answer questions, to give help when needed in performing movements and is a gentle, calm person which helps my yoga experience.”

    – Anita S.

  • “Jay is a wonderful yoga instructor; has great variety in classes; is always dependable (there and on time); is kind and understanding; and always available to answer questions and give additional instruction if necessary. She is calm and classes are enjoyable no matter the challenge.”

    – Myndie S.

  • “Jay is an always-patient, highly skilled teacher who makes everyone feel welcome and able to participate. Her class is always a joy and rewarding.”

    – Barbara S.

  • “Amber is an incredibly gifted instructor, particularly when it comes to yoga. She is calming, thorough, and provides that extra-added touch of essential oils, gentle adjustments, and themed practices. I love that Amber’s yoga classes are dynamic and she’s taught moves in her classes that I’ve never done in 15 years of practicing yoga. She’s a breath of fresh air in the yoga scene. I highly recommend her!”

    – Christine G.

  • “After my first private session with Amber my body felt so good! Because of her guidance and personal assisting I highly recommend working with her.”

    – Barbara B.

  • “I haven’t felt this good since I got my puppy, ten years ago!…”

    – Steve S.

  • “Thank you all so much for offering this. It has truly been a gift in my life and I am very grateful to be part of this class!”

    – Kristen, B

Our mission is to provide a safe and accepting space where students can learn, heal, grow - and have fun! We work to create peace in our world, communities and families by first creating peace within ourselves.

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