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no bare butts!

Exciting News

Guess what!? We just installed an infrared sauna!! 🙂 The Finnleo’s model S825 can comfortably fit up to three people – or is perfect to recline in if you’re sweating solo. It heats up almost instantly to your set comfort level, while using up to 20% less energy than other sauna systems.

Why Sauna?

Infrared Saunas have been reported to:
// improve sleep
// promote deep relaxation
// detoxify the tissues, organs and glands
// enhance weight loss
// provide relief from sore muscles
// ease joint pain, such as from arthritis
// promote clear + tight skin
// improve circulation and heart health
// relieve stress and fatigue
// increase metabolism
// support immunity

What’s the Difference Between Infrared vs. Traditional Saunas?

We’ve already mentioned that it uses far less electricity to run (which is great for everyone) and heats up much more quickly than a traditional sauna. In addition, traditional dry saunas employ temperatures as high as 185 – 195 degrees, which can overwhelm those who are more sensitive to heat.

Infrared saunas utilize a much milder temperature environment of between 120 – 150 degrees. However, because the heat of infrared saunas travels much deeper into the body, they cause a more vigorous sweat at lower temperatures, which means you receive sauna’s detoxification benefits without the potential heat overwhelm.

Additionally, infrared saunas don’t use steam, which is fabulous for those of us living in humid, rainforesty WNC! 🙂 So, how do you give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself?


Waynesville Yoga monthly unlimited members get one free session per month, plus half off any additional sessions and/or guest charges. Non-members pay $25 per hour session + $12 per extra person (up to 3 people total). We provide plush robes + towels, plus feel free to hydrate at our water cooler before and after.


For the time being, the WYC infrared sauna is available at 9, 10 and 11 AM, Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays (adding Saturdays in March). To claim your sauna spot, book from our regular class calendar: click here  >> PLEASE NOTE: if you’re booking for more than 1 person, schedule yourself, then pay for any guests at the time of your session.

No Bare Butts!

Seriously… no bare behinds in the sauna! Be sure to wear bottoms for everyone’s hygiene + safety – and place a towel on the bench seat to absorb perspiration during your session.

Additionally, please respect the following safety guidelines:

1. When you first begin to use the sauna, ease into it! After you begin to break a sweat, a 20 -30 minute session is recommended.As you become more accustomed to sweating on a regular basis, you can increase the length of your sauna sessions to 25 – 45 minutes.

2. Remember to stay well-hydrated and replace your electrolytes, especially before and after your sauna sessions. Drinking plenty of fluids every day is absolutely necessary to maintain optimal overall wellness.

A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight by two and drink a minimum of that many ounces of water on a daily basis. (160 lbs. divided by 2 = 80 ounces of water or eight 10 ounce glasses of water, daily). You’ll also want to drink extra fluids before and after detoxification practices like sauna.

3. Wait at least 1 – 2 hours after eating before beginning your sauna session.

4. You may not sweat a lot during your first 2-3 sauna sessions – and that’s ok! Don’t crank up the heat or go past 30 minutes for the first few sessions; you’re still getting the amazing benefits of infrared sauna even if you don’t experience extreme sensations.

5. Take care not to overheat during your first few sessions. If you feel lightheaded, have a queasy stomach, or start to get a headache, stop the session immediately. As your body continues to adjust to sauna, sweating can increase dramatically and body temperature regulation becomes more effective.

6. An increase in heart beat of up to 30% above the resting pulse is generally considered safe, unless a medical or heart condition requires keeping your pulse rate lower. Check with your doctor before using any sauna, especially if you are diabetic or have any heart / cardiovascular conditions.

7. If the temperature becomes too hot for your comfort, or the sauna feels ‘stuffy’, slide open the ceiling vent or open the door for a minute or two to let some fresh air circulate.

8. After your sauna session, it is important to relax and cool down while your body continues to perspire. Plan on being out of the sauna by 10 minutes before the hour. For example: if you’ve booked the 9 AM session, you should be out of the sauna by 9:50.

Then, after you’ve used the robe and towels to make your way to the bathroom, toweled off and changed, you’re welcome to hang out in any unused area (library, front bench, front porch once it’s warm, etc) and regroup after your sauna.

9. For optimal skin + detox benefits, take a shower when you get home, followed by a moisturizer.

10. Contraindications >> do not use the infrared sauna if you: a) have a recent sprain, bruising, laceration or surgery; b) have just engaged in strenuous exercise (wait 20 – 30 minutes); c) don’t sweat; d) are a hemophiliac and / or predisposed to hemorrhage; and/or e) are pregnant or lactating.


Contact us for additional details, questions or to book your session! 828.246.6570 –

Winter Workshops + Events

As we nestle into winter, join us for workshops + events to support strong immunity for your body and sweet clarity for your mind:

> Pop-Up Classes: Power Core Yoga w/ Melissa Rodriguez

Do you want to stay active + healthy this winter, when it’s so easy to let your energy stagnate? If you’re trying to avoid the winter weight – or nail your New Years resolutions – we’ve got you covered!

Join Melissa on Friday, February 8 // Friday, February 22 // Friday, March 8 // Friday, March 22  >>  5:45 – 7 PM for a Power Core Yoga class that will get you toned and sculpted. Expect to sweat, shake and get your core in shape!

// $14 drop-in > or 1 class credit // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> Pop-Up: Belly Dance Through Yoga w/ TrishAnn Ward

Are you ready to connect with your body, accepting yourself as you are, while still working towards being stronger? Do you want your workout to be fun? If so, we have the perfect pop-up for you!

This class opens with breath work for grounding, and then slow yoga to build heat in the muscles. We’ll move on to a basic belly dance combination and end with a yoga-infused cool down.

Expect beginner’s level yoga and belly dance, great music, and positive energy to lift your spirits – and your metabolism! No prior experience in belly dance or yoga needed. Hip scarves provided. Wear comfortable yoga or workout clothes.

Join TrishAnn Ward on Saturday, February 9th, 12 – 1 PM for a fun belly dance + yoga fusion workout!

// $14 drop-in > or 1 class credit // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> Partner Pop-Up Yoga w/ Tara Scarborough

We want to help you honor the people you love and appreciate in your life by letting you bring a friend for free to this Partner Yoga Class! Partner Yoga is not only light-hearted and lots of fun, it can also help you get more fully into poses in order to release stress + tension.

Join Tara on Thursday, February 14th, 6:45 – 7:45 PM and experience how partner yoga can enhance your practice! It’ll be fun!

// $14 drop-in > or 1 class credit // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> “Gal-entine’s” Buti Yoga: Bubbles + a Buddy!

Bring your buddy to Buti! For this Valentine’s, we want to celebrate friendship by letting you bring a buddy for free! Get a great workout with fun, high-energy Buti Yoga, followed by connection and community with a splash (yes, those bubbles!)

Join Kayla on Friday, February 15th, 6:30 – 7:30 PM, for this Buddy + Bubbles edition of Buti Yoga and celebrate your friendship!

// $14 drop-in > or 1 class credit // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> Pop-Up Classes: Level 3 Vinyasa Flow w/ Michael Edwards

Feeling the effects of holiday overindulgence? Or maybe just wanting to get your blood pumping + breath flowing during the sluggish season of winter? If you’re trying to avoid winter weight gain – or get in shape for the new year – we’ve got you covered!

Join Michael on Saturday, February 16th + Saturday, March 2nd, 12 – 1 PM for booty-kicking Level 3 Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Expect to challenge your breath, stamina and strength!

// $14 drop-in > or 1 class credit // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> Slow Mindful Flow + Cacao Ritual w/ Maura Finn

Celebrate love in its purest sense by participating in a sacred Guatemalan cacao ritual. You have the option to join a slow flow yoga class before to the ceremony; then dive into music, laughter, a little movement and deep heart-centered connection with community, while sipping a tasty infusion of high-quality chocolate + spices (shipped in fresh from Guatemala!).

While there does not need to be a season or day to celebrate self-love, it is extra potent when we can gather together and open to the possibilities of our heart’s desires in communion with others. With the added element of heart-opening chocolate, we can tap into our limitlessness and be surprised by the mysteries waiting to be revealed.

Join Maura Finn on Saturday, February 16th from 4 – 7 PM. We will start with a Slow Mindful Flow Yoga practice from 4 – 5 PM (beginners welcome!); then transition into the cacao ceremony from 5:15 – 7:00 PM. Please bring your favorite mug, a journal, something to write with – and an open heart.

// Yoga + Cacao: $55 >> Cacao Only: $40 // Cost is $5 more at the door and space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> Crystal Bowl Sound Bath w/Riitta Thrall

February is a month of purification and transition into new beginnings. Marking the halfway point between winter and spring, it is a time of change. This guided meditation will take you on a clarifying and focusing journey while you immerse the mind, body and spirit in a nourishing sound bath with crystal + Tibetan bowls and harmonious chimes.

Join Riitta on Sunday, February 17th, 5:30 – 6:30 PM for this relaxing musical experience. She will guide you through a clarifying meditation that will help you get focused about what’s next in your life, while you allow the beautiful sounds of singing crystal + Tibetan Bowls – and harmonious chimes to wash over you.

// $20 pre-register > or $25 at the door // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> Feel Good Sitting: Somatic Education w/ Becca Goldstein

According to current data, the cause of our pain and dysfunction is not the amount of time that we spend sitting, but how we are sitting.

In order to improve our form when we sit, we must explore the source of movement and posture: the brain! In this intriguing workshop, you will be guided through a series of chair-based movements that recruit the power of your mind in finding ease + comfort when sitting.

This workshop is appropriate for all abilities! Join Becca Goldstein on Saturday, February 23rd from 2 – 3:30 PM to enlist the help of your brain in reducing pain.

// $30 pre-register > or $35 at the door // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email


> Prenatal Partner Yoga w/ Roxy Robbins

In this 1.5 hour class, you + your partner will be both empowered and put at ease learning essential yoga techniques for labor and birth. These practices will help you find connection with one another and prepare for the journey ahead.

Roxy Robbins is a doula, childbirth educator and prenatal yoga instructor, part of the team at HomeGrown Babies. Let her show you how yoga can be a wonderful healing tool to minimize stress and address the common discomforts of pregnancy. Bring your partner and work together to set the tone for a nourishing, comfortable pregnancy – and an empowered birth.

Join Roxy on Saturday, March 2nd, 2 – 3:30 PM with your partner and help prepare for your bundle of joy!

// $50 per couple > or $55 at the door // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> Partner Adjustments Workshop w/ Paula Bortolotto

In this fun and informative workshop, we’ll explore traditional yoga postures with a partner. After a brief warm up, we will experience poses with another body helping you reach a deeper sense of alignment and release in the shape.  As you trade places and assist another, the understanding of the pose comes full circle.

With your partner’s help, you’ll be able to both try new poses – and find deeper experiences of familiar postures.  Working together towards a “yoga goal” helps build a sense of community, understanding and trust, both with your partner and within the class as a whole.

Join Paula Bortolotto on Saturday, March 23rd, 12 – 2 PM to experience this playful expression!

// $30 pre-register > or $35 at the door // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email



> All About Adjustments w/ Paula Bortolotto

(Yoga Alliance CE course for yoga teachers and movement therapists*) // One of the great benefits of being a yoga instructor is the ability to help others. This includes knowing and refining how to adjust your students during practice, to deepen their understanding of their anatomy – and the energetic component of Yoga. 

Often students are unaware of structural misalignments in their body. Sometimes, showing a student how to align themselves is not sufficient. Physical adjustments are often a silent conservation between student and teacher, and trust must be established before any hands-on approach is implemented.

Join Paula Bortolotto, E-RYT 500, on Saturday, March 23rd, from 2:30 – 5:30 PM to learn when and how to physically adjust your students. Learn what type of touch is most needed for a variety of students. We will explore adjustments for traditional asanas, such as standing, sitting, supine; as well as yin and restorative poses.

*This workshop is for yoga teachers and movement therapists. Earn 3 hours of Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance.

// $30 pre-register > or $35 at the door // Space is limited: to save yours, click here – or call 828.246.6570 – or email

Real Yoga for Real Bodies

Have you ever felt like you have to be skinny to practice yoga? Or that you have to be wearing $100 leggings or carrying an expensive yoga mat to come into class?

Maybe you feel like you have to practice at home first in order to be “good enough” to come into a yoga studio?

We’ve heard all of these sentiments from students since we opened over a year ago, and the sad part is: a lot of people feel this way!

Unfortunately, yoga in the US has often times been mis-represented. What we see in the media associated with yoga is most often thin, white, rich women (and sometimes men) contorted into impossible, painful-looking poses.

Too often, real bodies, real people, people of color, gender diversity and a variety of yoga skill levels have been underrepresented. And the reality is: a lot of people who could really use yoga and benefit from it may not have had access to it, for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, this is beginning to change – and we want to help lead that change!

In an effort to help our community (and the broader world) understand that yoga is for everybody (and every. body.), we’re launching Real Yoga for Real Bodies (RYRB) in 2019! You’ll see videos, images, events and more from us, confirming that yoga is for you, and anyone else who wants to practice.

We hope you’ll join us in claiming your right to Yoga, starting with our Instagram challenge, January 7 –  January 13:

1. follow us on Instagram:
2. starting Monday, January 7th, watch for our RYRB posts
3. Jan 7 – 13, create a post of your own, including the question we post, and your answer
4. include the following hashtags: #wycrocks #realyogaforbodies #waynesvilleyogacenter #RYRB #keepinitreal
5. if you participate for all 7 days, you’ll automatically be entered to win 1 free month of unlimited yoga!

Keep an eye out for other RYRB events – and our new RYRB t-shirts, perfect for getting active and practicing yoga in the new year!

Team Member of the Month: Michael Edwards

Please join us in celebrating our Team Member of the Month: Michael Edwards! Most of you have taken one of Michael’s powerful yoga classes – or perhaps practiced with him. We are grateful to have Michael’s strong, supportive and friendly presence in the studio – and honored to have him on our team.

To get to know him a little better, we asked Michael to share a bit about himself and his yoga journey…

1. Tell me about your experience with yoga: how it began, where it has taken you, and how yoga has impacted your life.

I was first exposed to yoga at six years of age. I was at the YMCA [in Asheville] and in the sauna was a guy sitting in lotus pose doing something weird with his stomach. He was pulling in the sides and just leaving a ridge of muscle down the center. I knew he was doing yoga and I was fascinated. I was determined that I was going to be able to do that one day (still a work in progress…).

For many years, I read books and tried to practice on my own, but it wasn’t until a friend opened the Effective Living Center in Waynesville in 1995 that I was able to receive formal instruction. My first teacher was Kripalu-trained and emphasized alignment and very long holds. I immediately fell in love with the practice and with the physical and mental changes it initiated in me.

For the first 12-14 years of my practice, I focused on getting stronger and more flexible (and maybe a little more peaceful), but then Candra Smith changed all of that when she showed me that yoga is a way to live life. I now do yoga in an attempt to remind myself that every moment is a precious resource and that my responsibility is to honor each one in a sincere attempt to make the world better in the only way I can: By changing my heart to align with the loving intentions expressed in the Yamas and by living as if my own happiness and well-being depended directly on the happiness and well-being of everyone else.

Yoga is a huge part of my life and a big portion of what makes me uniquely me.  I am incredibly grateful to all of my teachers and fellow practitioners for their help on this journey.

2. What are your favorite styles / classes?

I love hot/warm flow classes with an element of challenge to them. I always try to maintain a slow steady breath throughout my class, but I’m a little disappointed if I don’t lose it at least once! 🙂

3. What’s your favorite pose and why?

I love inversions of all types – especially handstand. I love the challenge; I love the rush of fresh blood to my head and I love looking at the world from a totally different point of view.

4. What do you do when you’re not practicing yoga?

As my vocation I work as a purchasing analyst for a medical kit packer; I’ve been doing that for about 24 years. It’s nothing I ever thought I would do as a career, but it’s complex enough to be challenging. I love to read, cook, listen to music and play role-playing games (my current addiction is Dungeons and Dragons Online).

However, my most important responsibility and the source of my greatest joy is to be the very best husband I can to my sweet and lovely wife Kimberley and to be the cool grandpa to Piper and Heidi.

5. Tell me something funny or unexpected about you.

The first time I saw female fireflies I thought they were fairies. The male fireflies are the ones we are all familiar with. They’re greenish yellow, bright and they blink on and off as they make their wandering way from the ground to a high point on a branch etc. Their pattern of blinking identifies them to the females of the same species.

Females however, are a very faint blue. You can only see them if it’s very dark; even the smallest bit of light renders them invisible. The first time I saw them was at Coleman’s Boundary on a moonless night under a thick canopy of trees.

They don’t blink and they fly directly from the ground to their chosen male. When I saw this I had a moment where I believed they really could be fairies, but soon figured out what they were. I still believe there something magical about them though…

If you haven’t yet taken a class from Michael, click here to find his current schedule…

Flow and Ground Yoga

We’re very excited to announce our own branded style: Flow + Ground Yoga! Developed by Jay MacDonald in coordination with our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, this signature blend is an integration of movement and stability.

In this yoga practice, the emphasis is on finding balance and presence in every single aspect of our movement, breath and surrender which is unique to each individual. This journey of self discovery should be made with a sense of wonder and joy free from criticism or judgement.

Our belief is that each individual’s mind, body and spirit should be respected and handled with the utmost care and compassion in every yoga class. Our job as instructors is not to impose our own will or ideals of what a yoga pose should look like but rather to encourage and guide students safely and carefully on their journey to discover what each pose should feel like in their own physical, mental and spiritual expression of each pose.

As instructors, we owe it to our students to observe and listen to any concerns or fears with the understanding that only they truly know what a pose feels like in their own body. We also owe our students the right to decide and set their own boundaries regarding hands on adjustments vs. verbal adjustments without implied judgment or criticism.

This practice moves with breath, gravity and surrender through each pose. It’s designed to gradually build toward higher energy flow sequence that pushes out what is stuck and stagnant then slowing gradually back down to a grounding calming static practice that centers and renews, then finishes with a brief meditation, bringing in a fresh and clearer perspective.

Each class will include several twisting sequences to wring out stagnant energy / blood / lymph / metabolic waste, followed by heart chakra and throat chakra openers to open up to the fresh and new. This is followed with at least three sets of sun salutations. The sun salutes are followed by a low grounding slow flow sequence including Yin, gentle or restorative poses (such as hip openers). Class is finished with a brief meditation or guided imagery sequence before savasana.

Stillness + Motion

Flow = to issue or move in a stream; circulate; rise; abound; to hang loose and billowing; to derive from a source; to deform under stress without cracking or rupturing.

“Water will flow from areas with high energy to those with low energy.”

“I want to be like water, I want to slip through fingers and hold up a ship.” {Michelle Williams}

“Water doesn’t resist, water flows.
When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress.
Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you.
But water always goes where it wants to go and nothing in the end can’t stand against it Water is patient Dripping water wears away a stone Remember that my child Remember that you are half water…” {Margaret Atwood}

“A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” {Maya Angelou}

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”  {Lao Tzu}

***Water is of major importance to all living things; in some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water.Jul 23, 2018

Ground = the solid surface of the Earth; an area of knowledge or a subject of discussion or thought; factors forming a basis for action or the justification for a belief.

“Feeling rooted in the earth is soothing to the body, and it is our connection to the earth that gives us our most basic sense of belonging, home, resilience, and safety.” {Jessica Moore}

“Any spiritual practice that draws our energy and attention ‘up’ – without equally focusing downward – is inherently ungrounding and will make us out of balance.” {Jessica Moore}

“Asanas don’t exist. What I mean is that there is no such thing as an asana. What exists is a person, who has a body that gets put in a shape and then you say, ‘Oh, that’s that asana.’… You can’t take the downward dog out of your body and look at it as if it’s an entity devoid of context.”

Asanas don’t have alignment, people have alignment. Everyone’s body is a little bit different; everyone’s body is unique and what works for one person will create harm for somebody else. Engaging someone in an inquiry to discover their own uniqueness is one of the great benefits of an asana practice.” {Leslie Kaminoff}

“What I’ve learned over the years… is that it’s far more powerful to engage a student in an inquiry than to simply give them an answer.”

It’s taken a while to be comfortable with just sitting inside a question, and letting students sit inside a space of questioning and exploration… but what I found is that the answers people come up with in that situation are much more powerful; because it’s their answer, not anyone else’s.” {Leslie Kaminoff}

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or a large group because the intent is for each person in the group to connect with what’s going on for them, not to just follow the leader or do what the teacher is doing.” {Leslie Kaminoff}

“The ultimate context of yoga is the person that is doing it. So to me the purpose of yoga is to bring that individual to more of a state of balance and whatever that means for that person. What’s balance for me can be very different than what’s balance for you. Understanding our own individual nature to me is what yoga is.” {Leslie Kaminoff}

“You could be doing something on a yoga mat that looks like yoga practice but you could be not paying attention to your breath, your mind can be wandering, you could be doing a hundred other things in your own head, while your body is going through the postures. I don’t think that’s yoga. By definition, if the mind and body are being brought together through the breath then I think its yoga, and its spiritual. It’s all the same definition.” {Leslie Kaminoff}

WYC 200 Hour Teacher Training!!

For Reals!?

Yes! It’s true: Waynesville Yoga Center is offering a 200 hour yoga teacher training program, starting in March 2019. We’re thrilled – and honored – to provide a program for those who want to deepen their yoga practice, whether to teach others, or simply understand yoga better.

Many people take yoga teacher training not because they want to teach, but to deepen their own yoga practice. YTT, as it’s commonly called, offers a in-depth training into anatomy + physiology, Yoga philosophy & lifestyle, Ayurveda, kinesiology, and of course: many different flavors of yoga!

Why Pick WYC?

Why take our YTT? You can expect some differences from our program:

  1. Local > that’s the best part, right!? Stay close to home, avoid traffic, and get your 200 hr TT certification!
  2. More Affordable > our program is more affordable than any other we’ve found in the Southeast.
  3. Real Yoga for Real People > yoga in America has turned into an empire, one that many people think is unattainable: uber-thin white women contorted into poses that many people can’t even consider, much less execute. At WYC, we offer real yoga for real people: making yoga accessible for you.

    Our YTT mission is: “to provide the tools, skills and knowledge to safely practice (and perhaps teach) whatever style of yoga that most resonates with you, your body – and maybe your students.”

    It’s not about forcing your body to look a certain way in a particular pose; it’s about learning how to express the poses in your body, safely + comfortably. It’s about how it feels and how it can benefit health and wellness for your whole being: physically, mentally and emotionally.

    If you’ve felt uncomfortable or intimidated by yoga; if you think you’re not “good enough” to come to a studio, try one of our classes and see how accessible yoga can be! If you’ve wanted to try a yoga teacher training program but felt like you weren’t up to the challenge, know that our course is accessible and realistic, for all ages, body types and levels of experience.

  4. No Dogma > although Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago and is typically attached to Hinduism, Yoga isn’t a religion – and we don’t make it one! While Yoga acknowledges the unseen presence of spirit or soul – and seeks to reconnect body and soul – we don’t adhere to any particular dogma.

    “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” {Dalai Lama}

    Some YTT programs incorporate religious dogma into the program and teach it, along with the course material. While of course we respect everyone’s spiritual path and honor the lineage of yoga knowledge + philosophy, we don’t endorse or teach any dogma.

    It’s why you won’t find any deities at WYC: we respect your spiritual integrity and want yoga to be a tool + resource on your life path, however you connect with Spirit. The WYC TT will provide you with information and training to access your yoga.


The program will meet one weekend a month for 10 months:
MAR: 8th – 10th
APRIL: 12th – 14th
MAY: 10th –  12th
JUNE: 7th – 9th
JULY: 12th – 14th
AUG: 16th – 18th
SEPT: 13th – 15th
OCT: 11th – 13th
NOV: 8th – 10th
DEC: 6th – 8th

Friday evening + all day Saturday + all day Sunday

The schedule for the weekend will be as follows:
Fridays, 6 – 9 PM
6 – 7: centering Slow Flow
7 – 8: yoga philosophy, lifestyle, education lecture
8 – 9: video lecture

Saturdays, 9 AM – 7 PM
9 – 10:30: practice, principles, techniques
10:30 – 12: integrative anatomy + physiology
12 – 1:15: putting the Anatomy + Physiology into practice
2 – 3: lecture: Ayurveda / nutrition / yoga philosophy / lifestyle
3 – 4:30: Yoga Basics
4:30 – 6: student-led teaching
6 – 7: varied practice

Sundays, 9 AM – 6:30 PM
9 – 11: teaching methodology
11 – 12: student-led teaching
1 – 3: yoga philosophy, lifestyle, education lecture
3 – 6: student-led teaching
6 – 6:30: closing practice

(bathroom breaks and snacks during lecture can be taken at any time, as needed)


You can get a good idea of what to expect from the syllabus from the detailed schedule above; the program will provide a solid foundational exploration of:
// Anatomy + Physiology, especially as it relates to Yoga
// Basics of yoga poses: breakdown + alignment
// Yoga Philosophy, including Ayurveda + Tantra + Sutras
// Yimas / Niyamas / Ethics
// Chakras
// Yoga for Trauma, such as for veterans, recovering from injuries, healing from childbirth, etc.
// and the following Yoga styles**: Buti Yoga >> Yin >> Vinyasa Flow >> Hot Stone Restorative >> Kundalini >> Bowstring >> Yoga Nidra >> Myofascial Release >> Gentle + Chair Yoga >> and more!


70% of the training will be taught by Jay MacDonald
25% will be taught by Leigh-Ann Renz
And 5% will be taught by guest instructors:
Sara Lewis > Nutrition // Yin Yoga
Candra Smith > Ayurveda
Amber > Hot Stone Restorative
Anna Ferguson Robas > Yoga for Trauma
Alex Moody > Yoga for Chronic Pain
and more…

Reading List

Required Reading > (the books are listed in the order that we recommend you read them in. There are a few specific dates of books to have read by a particular class: those are also listed in parentheses where applicable):

  1. Awakening the Spine by Vanda Scaravelli
  2. The muscle book by Paul Blakely
  3. Yoga Anatomy, 2nd Edition, by Leslie Kaminoff
  4. The Body Keeps the Score: Brain Mind and Body in the healing of trauma by Bessel van der Kolk (by May 12)
  5. Yoga for Pain Relief (Simple practices to Calm Your Mind & Heal Your Chronic Pain) by Kelly McGonigal (by June 9)
  6. Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark
  7. The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The philosophy and practice of Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark (by July 14)
  8. Manual of Structural Kinesiology (19th edition) by R.T. Floyd
  9. Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists
  10. The Breathing Book by Donna Farhi
  11. Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques by Mark Stephens
  12. Insight Yoga: An innovative synthesis of traditional yoga, meditation and Eastern approaches to healing and well-being by Sarah Powers
  13. Yoga Nidra: by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  14. Spinning Inward: Using guided imagery with children (or adults) for learning, creativity & relaxation by Maureen Murdock

Recommended Reading:

  1. Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar
  2. The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness by Erich Schiffman
  3. Back Care Basics by Mary Pullig Schatz
  4. Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh

We know these books are expensive! Our book list is actually the same or less than other YTT programs; because of the wealth of quality information, it’s part of any YTT course to pay $300 – $500 for the books. The content will serve you well for decades to come as a yoga instructor. Knowledge = power!

Please know that you’re not required to purchase them new! You can buddy up with another person in the program and share the books; LMK if you’d like the email list for other students so you can coordinate a book share. You can also buy them used; get them from the library. The only thing that’s not gonna work is an electronic version, as it’s kinda hard to look at amazing anatomy pictures while you’re driving! 😊

Small Class Size

We are only accepting 12 students into the program, so contact us to reserve your spot!


If you pay the total balance by March 8th = $2,000
If you pay the total balance by April 12th = $2,250
If you pay the total balance after April 12th = $2,500
If you want to pay the balance in stages, no worries, but the full amount must be paid by July 12th
$500 non-refundable deposit that goes toward tuition must be paid by February 1st, 2019!

To make a payment, click here
:: then scroll to the bottom of the page and find the “make a payment” drop-down menu
:: in that menu, scroll down to the bottom of the list, and you’ll see options for the deposit, as well as the pricing tiers listed above

**Flow + Ground

Students in our 200 Hour YTT will receive a depth of understanding in our signature, branded style: Flow + Ground Yoga. Developed by lead trainer Jay MacDonald, Flow + Ground integrates the best of both stability and fluidity. Learning a foundation in this style offers the YTT student a solid base from which to explore, unfold and grow their yoga from a place of deep wisdom.

More Information

For more details – and/or to reserve your spot in our upcoming YTT, contact us: – 828.246.6570



Photo by Yayan Sopian on Unsplash

Holiday Craft Fair

Hope you can make it for the 2nd Annual WYC Holiday Craft Fair! Join us on Saturday, December 15th, from 1 – 4 PM to support local artisans while fulfilling your shopping list with items that are not only gorgeous – but also unique + sustainable.

We will have healthy, delicious snacks made by Simply Sara Wellness – not to mention a (spiked!) hot chocolate bar > all FREE + open to the public!

Get your holiday shop on:

// Handmade Jewelry

by Megan Escalante >> Donna Koger >> Susan Peterson

The East Western first started while Megan Escalante was constantly daydreaming of earring inspiration. This was back in 2011 and is still growing strong. Inspired. Renewed. Recycled Retro.

Donna Koger + Susan Peterson are local designers and friends who love to inspire each other while they collaborate on jewelry, fan pulls and other gorgeous, handmade crafts.


// Cheeky Ornaments + Vintage Xmas Decor

by Amber Kleid + Kleidoscope Yoga

In addition to being a yoga instructor at WYC, Amber is also a radio host, dancer, artist, and crafter! This year, she’ll be offering coasters, greeting cards, really cool book marks, candles and hopefully a few other goodies. She’s going to try her hand at custom gratitude journals (fingers crossed!). 🙂


// Seasonal Indoor / Outdoor Crafts

by Melissa Helmer

Melissa’s wares are a mother/daughter/family craft labor of love. Her Dad is a Vietnam Vet and disabled makes all of their creations from pallet wood. They repurpose most of our items in hopes that someone will love them as much as they do:


// DoTerra Essential Oils + Diffusers

by Kalyn Matthews

Kalyn will be bringing custom essential oil blends, traditional diffusers, essential oil bottle holders and nandmade diffuser bracelets made by Haitians for a company that prevents orphans and trafficking through job creation.


// Custom-Made Italian Leather Handbags

by FeelHandMade

FeelHandMade is a woman-owned company based in Asheville. In addition to creating the gorgeous wooden necklaces you can find at our front desk (use them as personal diffusers, with the addition of essential oils!), owner Erin Kaleel also makes eco-luxe handbags from buttery Italian leather.

Snag one of her gorgeous totes at the Craft Fair – or custom-order your one-of-a-kind creation:

// LuLaRoe Yoga + Athleisure Wear

Myrsia Parrish, Mom + Local LuLaRoe Retailer

LuLaRoe is a modest clothing line that makes all body types feel beautiful! We offer sizes xxs-xxxl we have some mens’ items, as well as childrens’ sizes, up to tween. Myrsia is offering a Going Out of Business Sale you don’t want to miss…


// Handcrafted Wood Work

by Ben Grant

Ben’s work is an exploration of form and is composed of gentle curves, textures, and flowing lines. Patterns he sees in the world are translated into carved details. Some techniques he uses include multi-axis woodturning, as well as woodcarving with various hand tools and grinders. He is always exploring new techniques to use and hopes that, with each fresh design, he can continue to create pieces that are enjoyed by those who share an appreciation for the craft.


// WYC Apothecary + Gift Baskets

by Waynesville Yoga Center


// Fiber Crafts

by Fiddlehead Farms

In addition to offering delicious fresh veggies at the Haywood County Farmers Market, Stacey + John Michael of Fiddlehead Farm spend their winters creating fiber crafts from their spinners flock of sheep, llama, and alpacas. Check out their gorgeous selection of roving, yarn, dryer balls, hats, earwarmers, baby bonnets and booties, fingerless mitts, and more:


// Mala Beads

by GuRu Malas

Ru’s love for creating hand knotted mala beads started as Christmas gifts for family members back in 2013: she found that hand knotting each bead very meditative and continued exploring the process. As a little girl, she would sit and hand knot Catholic rosary necklaces with her grandmother; that’s probably where the seed was planted to be a maker of prayer beads. GuRu Malas was created out of a passion for mala making and wanting to share their beauty with the world.


// Soaps, Salves + Medicinal Oils

by Seth’s Medicines

Seth hand crafts soaps, salves, medicinal oils and extracts of reishi mushroom. Everything is organic and made from unrefined oils; he supports sustainable practices and uses zero plastic.

Even if you just want to come by and check out the space, please join us. Kindly RSVP so we can make sure to have enough gnoshes: – 828.246.6570

Adjusting to the Seasons

by Jerica Rossi

Adjustments. How many times has a teacher come around, lightly pulled back on your hips while you’re in downward dog, or pressed into your back during a forward fold – and you just didn’t feel like fully committing to the stretch? And how many times did you breathe into it and experience a glorious release?

Sometimes it’s an obstacle to get over ourselves, physically and mentally – to surrender to the flow. Perhaps we aren’t ready for change, or don’t feel like we have the energy to show up for ourselves, or just feel like staying in our safe space without pushing to see if perhaps that space could be made a little larger.

Prior to moving to New Mexico to revisit my passion for sustainable building and to help build an off-the-grid cob house, my yoga practice was a source of meditation – a way to find and nurture an unwavering sense of self.

These days I get lost in that zen for hours while putting my hands in the earth, embracing the grand landscape and beating sun, and my practice has become one of physical necessity. Whether its mixing together piles of clay, sand and straw on tarps with my feet, or pushing the semi-hardened balls of the cob mix onto each layer of the house, I seem to have discovered muscles in my arms and legs that I never knew existed.

With dew still on my camper windows, I warm up with the rising sun amongst the mountains that set Georgia O’Keefe on a painting rampage. While sitting in pigeon pose, I can’t help but be entranced by the quivering stillness of the mornings – without even a rustle from the sagebrush. They say the valley used to be a meeting place for peace talks, where Native peoples came from all over to trade and give birth. Now the land is littered with the bones of animals who come here to pass on.

As I fill my lungs with cold air and muse on my night’s dreams, flowing through sun salutations, the smell of damp earth unlocks a bank of autumn memories: living cozy in a cabin in the Adirondacks with a lover; road-tripping through the Yukon and British Colombia via a Craigslist rideshare from Alaska; driving down US-1 in California with a stranger I met in line at the car rental place; and gearing up to move to Northern Thailand where I was initially introduced to earthen building and began my first six-month journey through Asia.

Fall kicks our sensory wisdom into motion, with the smell of wet leaves and the feeling of crisp air inviting reflection and helping us catalog lessons we’ve learned – exploring if we’ve actually made any progress toward becoming the person we want to be or if we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to achieve.

With the sun setting earlier and without everything in bloom, we can sometimes start to feel stagnant and lacking energy, but it’s the perfect time to let that which doesn’t serve you go, welcome new routines and muse on new goals.

At the beginning of the summer I gave up on my chaturanga. I didn’t care to work on my upper body strength and would just make sure not to knock my face on the way down. But as summer progressed into fall, I started to see that strength appear in my body, with each cob brick I molded and heaved. Now when I get to my mat, I have an unwavering balance and am smiling through my chaturanga like a boss.

So what am I letting go of? I let go of my apathy. Somewhere along the way I confused apathy for contentment, and it never occurred to me that, although calm and accepting of things that are out of my control, I was neglecting that which I DO have control over. In reality, this apathy was killing any chance I had of establishing a mind-body-spirit balance and obtaining the ultimate bliss that comes along with it.

Luckily, just one taste of that bliss ushers in a clarity that makes it easy to identify what isn’t working so you can chuck it out the car window and reverse over it.

And the new vision I set out for the season ahead? To be flexible with intention. I want to go further into my back-bends, lengthen my hamstrings and recalculate (and respect) my boundaries, both on and off the mat.

So here’s to letting that which doesn’t serve you go, to planting seeds in the midnight garden and trusting that the lessons you’ve logged from autumns passed have prepared you to make each harvest better than the last.


Jerica handles marketing + management for Waynesville Yoga Center. When not working, she can be found behind a camera lens, embarking on an adventure or contemplating life while perched in tree pose. 


What is it that scares YOU about yoga? We all have our pose – or yoga style – that scares us; or maybe it’s just coming into an “actual studio” that intimidates you?! We’ve heard that from lots of folks in our community: “I’m not good enough to come to a real studio. I’m scared I’ll be the newbie in class.”

Whatever it is that scares you about yoga, why not come give it a shot? 1) We all have things that intimidate us about yoga, no matter how long we’ve been practicing. Jay doesn’t like Warrior I; I’m intimidated by arm balances.

2) You really don’t need to worry about what other people in class are thinking, because I can almost guarantee you that they’re too busy processing their own fears or goals to worry about what you look like.

3) The main point of yoga is not to look like a particular picture > rather, it’s to cultivate the tools that our practice offers us, such as: learning to stay calm and breathe deeply in the midst of intensity // to accept our bodies – and our reality – more fully + with more clarity // and to face our fears with courage.

So what are you waiting for? At Waynesville Yoga Center, the first class is free for locals. If you’ve never given yoga a shot, come try a class on us and see just how amazing it can make you feel.

If you already practice, tell us what your yoga fear is: we want to know! >> Instagram >> Facebook >> Pinterest >> Twitter


Leigh-Ann Renz offers yoga + massage at Waynesville Yoga Center


Leigh-Ann Renz is a massage therapist, yoga instructor and part of the management team at Waynesville Yoga Center.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • “After my first private session with Amber my body felt so good! Because of her guidance and personal assisting I highly recommend working with her.”

    – Barbara B.

  • “It is the most relaxing therapeutic treatment that works for me with my arthritis condition and I have a session with Leigh Ann every month.”

    – Bob T.

  • “Leigh -Ann has worked on me for the past five years. She skillfully eased the aches and pains out of my body and left me feeling relaxed. Her intuition guided her to where I needed the most attention, which always surprised me because I hadn’t realized I was hurting there.”

    – Lydia Mason

  • “Amber, you’re an incredible teacher! You are a natural at creating flows that challenge and inspire your students.”

    – Michelle G.C.

  • “Leigh-Ann is awesome. She used a variety of techniques with me and they all helped. She also provided more information to help me with my issues. She is warm, compassionate and friendly.”

    – Susan S.

  • “After my massage with Leigh-Ann yesterday, I could sleep without pain meds for the first time in years! I finally have hope that I might not need surgery!”

    – Barbara M.

  • “Leigh-Ann’s fingers magically find the spots that are ‘ailing’ you! She intuitively knows where you are having pain and how to relieve it. I leave each and every time rejuvenated and refreshed. There are not enough words to express how much I appreciate her therapeutic touch!”

    – Ginny E.

  • “I highly recommend Leigh-Ann as your massage lady. She is wonderful and keeps me feeling good. I am 86 so you are never to old for one. I get them weekly. Give her a try. You will like it.”

    – Yvonne M.

  • “Leigh-Ann is my favorite massage therapist. She uses techniques that produce terrific results for me. I so look forward to my monthly massages!”

    – Ginger H.

  • “Leigh-Ann is highly trained in many massage techniques and will work with you to assess your needs and desired outcome. She encourages your feedback to make sure that your treatment goals are being met.”

    – Helen S.

  • “Leigh Ann gives the best massages I have ever had! She mixes it up so no two massages are exactly alike and I like that. And on top of that she is a warm caring person and I consider her to be a dear friend.”

    – Jeanne B.

  • “Jay is a wonderful yoga instructor; has great variety in classes; is always dependable (there and on time); is kind and understanding; and always available to answer questions and give additional instruction if necessary. She is calm and classes are enjoyable no matter the challenge.”

    – Myndie S.

  • “Getting a massage from Leigh-Ann has been an important part of my life for the past several years. Her professionalism and many accomplished skill techniques combined with her intuitive understanding of my needs on any given day have made her an invaluable part of my health care. I would highly recommend her to anyone, from a first timer to an ‘experienced’ user.”

    – Gail M.

  • “Jay takes time to answer questions, to give help when needed in performing movements and is a gentle, calm person which helps my yoga experience.”

    – Anita S.

  • “Since I started taking classes at Waynesville Yoga Center, I can now go down the stairs ‘normally’, instead of one foot at a time. I’m really pleased with how these classes are helping me.”

    – Carol L.

  • “Jay met me prior to class to help me polish my yoga teaching skills. I really appreciate her willingness to meet and teach me to make me a better instructor.”

    – Brooke H.

  • “Amber is an incredibly gifted instructor, particularly when it comes to yoga. She is calming, thorough, and provides that extra-added touch of essential oils, gentle adjustments, and themed practices. I love that Amber’s yoga classes are dynamic and she’s taught moves in her classes that I’ve never done in 15 years of practicing yoga. She’s a breath of fresh air in the yoga scene. I highly recommend her!”

    – Christine G.

  • “Jay is an always-patient, highly skilled teacher who makes everyone feel welcome and able to participate. Her class is always a joy and rewarding.”

    – Barbara S.

Our mission is to provide a safe and accepting space where students can learn, heal, grow - and have fun! We work to create peace in our world, communities and families by first creating peace within ourselves.

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