Doing Power Differently

A few years ago, we had some major remodeling done in our house. The job was done on time and on budget, which is apparently no small miracle, even pre-covid. One of things I loved most about the whole process was that the head contractor was a woman.

She communicated well; they showed up when they said they would; and I loved how her female boss energy led the projects, how she oversaw all of the individual components and how they each had to be sound enough to earn her final seal of approval.

However, after the work was complete and the dust had settled, I started noticing that some of the work was sloppy. Kitchen cabinets catawampus; toe kicks leaned against the cabinet baseboards instead of secured; hot & cold water knobs reversed; a wonky electrical outlet… that sort of thing.

I placed some calls and got the cabinets & toe kicks fixed, but I was told not to make a fuss about the other items. We should just be grateful that it got done on time and on budget; let it go.

It’s the same tired message I’ve gotten my whole life as a woman: don’t make a fuss; don’t be disagreeable; you’re making a big deal out of nothing; you should just be grateful.

So I did what I was told and let it go. And over the years, we had to call in more & more repairmen to have random things fixed: electrical wiring that was a legit fire hazard. Flooding and water damage under the sink due to improper installation.

None of these things, isolated by themselves, are truly big deals (#firstworldproblems). Life happens. But they add up over time, in stress, inconvenience, cost, and time.

I was asked repeatedly – from the various folks called in to fix these installation issues – “who did this?! Who did this job originally? This was not done correctly from the get go”.

The last time I was asked that, a few months ago, something in me shifted; and I wondered “Does the truth have to be nasty? Does it have to be a pissing contest? Our contractor needs to know that these things were done incorrectly, under the banner of her name, and communicating that doesn’t have to be ugly.”

I called her right then & there and, sure enough, she was immediately gracious, concerned, and responsive: “I’m so sorry to hear that. I absolutely want to know; thank you for telling me. How can I make this right?”

My answer was that I’d love for her to come over for coffee, and we could look at the items together. I made it clear that I didn’t want this to be a complaint. I respect her as a woman, both personally & professionally, and I know she would want to know about these ongoing issues. She agreed and came over for a walk through conversation a few weeks later.

What if we – men and women – choose to do things differently, on our own terms?

We made sure to hone in on what was installed incorrectly by her crew, versus normal wear & tear caused by our usage over time, and agreed upon which repairs she would cover, in order to do right by the job and her name. A few weeks later, she and her crew came over and fixed all of the items, quickly and smoothly. They were gracious and calm.

I tried my best to stay vulnerable, authentic, and kind – while still being honest – and to convey that this wasn’t a pissing contest or any type of ugly complaint. They met me in the same manner; and I made sure to thank her sincerely, several times, for being willing to handle this in a peaceful, constructive way of integrity.

I’m not sure if she feels as good about it after the fact as I do; but to me, this small experience felt like a monumental shift of flipping the script we’ve been handed. Of doing power differently.

Flipping The Script

This is what the upcoming Yoga and Myth series is all about: examining the programming and “software” that’s been installed into our systems by default, by our family of origin & our culture.

That we have to leave a nasty review online if we’re dissatisfied with a job. That we have to approach conflict or disagreements with our weapons out and teeth bared.

That it’s a dog-eat-dog world, in which competition and stepping on others to get to the top of the ladder is the only way to succeed. That happiness is measured in titles or possessions.

What if there are different ways of defining success, happiness, satisfaction, power? What if we – men and women – choose to do things differently, on our own terms?

What if we decide which software makes the rules and runs the show, both internally & externally?

If you’re curious (or maybe even hungry) for more, check out Cassandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lesser. It’s one of two books we’ll be working with for Yoga & Myth, an 8 part series that uses the power of mythology, archetypes, and yoga to examine some of these unconscious ways of being in the world – and exploring if we want to try doing things differently.


I can’t change stop the war in Ukraine or on the global stage, as much as I wish I could. But I can try to walk my talk and practice peace… in my own heart, mind, and relationships. There’s both an incredible surrender of control – and an incredible claiming of the power I do have – in that acceptance.

It certainly felt good to put this into action with the contractor, and I hope doing power differently felt really good to her too. It’s the best we can do to try and change the world.

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann Renz

Leigh-Ann has been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching it since 2005. She is attracted to fluid vinyasa styles, including moon salutations, and loves to geek out about yoga “off the mat” – such as how the philosophies behind the physical postures can enrich our journey, both for ourselves and for others. She is honored to co-teach the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Waynesville Yoga Center, and loves facilitating healing services to the community. A writer, dancer, massage therapist, creative marketing nerd, and proud Mom, she can be found travelling, enjoying the rhythm of the seasons, or soaking up the natural world when not working.

For more information about Yoga & Myth, click here.

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  • I signed up for YTT thinking I had time to myself to focus on me, but the world has other plans. It’s still the best decision I’ve made, and I am so grateful that what I have learned has come to me at a time that I can apply it to so much real world trauma. This YTT has been a saving grace!

    – Kim T.

  • “Jay is an always-patient, highly skilled teacher who makes everyone feel welcome and able to participate. Her class is always a joy and rewarding.”

    – Barbara S.

  • “Jay is a wonderful yoga instructor; has great variety in classes; is always dependable (there and on time); is kind and understanding; and always available to answer questions and give additional instruction if necessary. She is calm and classes are enjoyable no matter the challenge.”

    – Myndie S.

  • “YTT provided me with the tools and knowledge to deepen my own yoga practice and help others with theirs. This program challenged me in unforeseen ways and I am so thankful to have experienced this journey with such incredible teachers and fellow students. It was truly a life-changing experience.”

    – Hayley P.

  • “I waited years looking for the right yoga teacher training program and WYC was definitely the reason why. I’m absolutely convinced I could not have found a program that was more creative, inclusive, or supportive. I would definitely attribute that to the meticulous design of the curriculum and incredibly talented teachers you brought in to lead so many cool facets of the course. You drew in some of the most amazing students with all this awesomeness and I’ve been so thrilled to learn alongside them this year so thank you, thank you, thank you for every last delicious bit of it.”

    – CJH

  • “With all of my health issues, I never would have believed I could ever learn to teach yoga. WYC’s Real Yoga for Real Bodies built my confidence as a leader, reminding me that my journey is my strength, and I will actually be a better teacher because of the challenges I’ve experienced. Thank you so much for creating a program that encouraged us to bring the beauty and the beast through this incredible transformation.”

    – CJH

  • “Jay takes time to answer questions, to give help when needed in performing movements and is a gentle, calm person which helps my yoga experience.”

    – Anita S.

  • “WYC YTT has given me such tremendous depth in my practice of yoga on and off the mat. I’ve loved seeing my evolution this year as I learned all the ways I can add yoga to my home and work life. I started just expecting to build a stronger personal practice, but now I am so excited to see where this will all take me in the years to come.”

    – 2019 YTT Student

  • “I woke up one morning and realized I was 60 years old, that I could live well into my 80s and that I had to do something to improve my strength and stamina if I wanted a good quality of life. I was caring for small grandchildren periodically, and it exhausted me.

    As soon as I saw Waynesville Yoga Center was opening, I came. I am so thankful to Jay for a place where I feel safe, not self-conscious, and where I can attend classes that benefit me without feeling in competition with anyone else. Restorative and Yin have improved my flexibility and meditation skills; Beginner Flow, Flow Level 1 and Gentle Chair Yoga have increased my strength and balance and also challenged me, as has Barre and Balance!

    I feel better than I ever have – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have met so many new friends. All of the instructors I have had are wonderful and willing to share of themselves. Thank you, Jay, your endeavor is making a tremendous difference in so many lives!”

    – Terri M.

  • “After my first private session with Amber my body felt so good! Because of her guidance and personal assisting I highly recommend working with her.”

    – Barbara B.

  • “Since I started taking classes at Waynesville Yoga Center, I can now go down the stairs ‘normally’, instead of one foot at a time. I’m really pleased with how these classes are helping me.”

    – Carol L.

  • “I haven’t felt this good since I got my puppy, ten years ago!…”

    – Steve S.

  • “Amber, you’re an incredible teacher! You are a natural at creating flows that challenge and inspire your students.”

    – Michelle G.C.

  • “Jay met me prior to class to help me polish my yoga teaching skills. I really appreciate her willingness to meet and teach me to make me a better instructor.”

    – Brooke H.

  • “That special moment when your body, mind and spirit blend into a yummy synchronized yogic OHMMMMMMM……..yeah, YTT has given me like a hundred of those so far! You guys are awesome!”

    – 2019 YTT Student

  • “My experience during my YTT at WYC has not only increased my confidence on the mat but has opened up endless possibilities and opportunities for a courageous, confident, and grateful life off the mat. “

    – Teresa F.

  • “When I first began practicing yoga, it seemed like the more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I bought a few books but still didn’t feel like a real student of the practice of yoga. When the 200 hour YTT was offered, I saw it as the perfect chance to really expand my knowledge. I have come to realize that with this deep dive into the practice of yoga, I have a strong knowledge bank that will allow me to continue to expand my knowledge of yoga for years to come.”

    – Jann F.

  • “What has set the program apart for me, as well, is the approach to teaching that encourages us not to focus on a “perfect” pose, but rather perfecting a pose within our bodies and the bodies of our students. This means everyone’s expression of a pose will be slightly different, and there is such beauty in that. It runs counter to so much that we are taught elsewhere in life.”

    – Kristen, B

  • “Amber is an incredibly gifted instructor, particularly when it comes to yoga. She is calming, thorough, and provides that extra-added touch of essential oils, gentle adjustments, and themed practices. I love that Amber’s yoga classes are dynamic and she’s taught moves in her classes that I’ve never done in 15 years of practicing yoga. She’s a breath of fresh air in the yoga scene. I highly recommend her!”

    – Christine G.

  • “One of the things I have loved about the program is that we are not just learning how to teach certain poses; I have been learning things I didn’t even know I could learn about yoga in general, including about the subtle energies, how they tie to both anatomy and the philosophy of yoga.”

    – 2019 YTT Student

  • “Thank you all so much for offering this. It has truly been a gift in my life and I am very grateful to be part of this class!”

    – Kristen, B

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