30 Day Back Care Program

July 30, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Waynesville Yoga Center
274 S Main St
NC 28786
$200 / $150 Early Bird Pricing
Waynesville Yoga Center


Are you still looking for the MAGIC pill or easy shortcut that will fix your chronic back problems and heal your back pain? 

If so, this program may not be for you!

However, if you are willing to commit to really doing the work and healing your back pain once and for all, then we invite you to take charge of your health and well-being and make the necessary changes in your daily life to make this possible!

Join me, Jay MacDonald, for this 30 day program to help keep your back and spine strong and free of injury! I have spent the last 30 years developing this program after I healed my own back injury in my early 20’s then realized that I needed to move on a daily basis to keep my back mobile and strong enough to stay pain free!

In this 30 day program you will learn:

  • How to identify your “poor posture” pain points and what may be causing them
  • Simple ways to restore proper alignment to your spine from top to bottom
  • The best poses and stretches to release chronically tight muscles and strengthen chronically weak or underdeveloped muscles

What is included:

  • 4 videos designed specifically for different back issues, including a chair yoga video for back care
  • Daily journal prompts designed to help you track what daily or weekly activities may be contributing to your back pain
  • Specific exercises and poses designed to bring balance into your back and body
  • A private FB group for questions and accountability
  • A kick off and wrap up support zoom meeting

Make a commitment to your health and do the DAILY work to keep it maintained and working properly. Don’t let fear keep you from taking control of your pain and figuring out what you can do to feel better. The most important thing to fix during this 30 day program is your MINDSET: Change this and everything else will fall into place for you-because no program will bring lasting change if your mindset stays the same!

Only 8 spots available! Register below to save yours now!

When: August 1st – August 30th with the first ZOOM support meeting from 6 – 7:30pm on Thursday July 30th and a final meeting on Tuesday August 31st from 6 – 7:30pm.

Cost: $200 / $150 Earl Bird Pricing UNTIL MONDAY JULY 20th!


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Waynesville Yoga Center
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