Medicine vs Dessert: Cultivating Accountability + Intention in Your Yoga Practice

November 8, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Waynesville Yoga Center
274 S Main St
NC 28786
$125 early bird / $150
Waynesville Yoga Center

Join Jay MacDonald for this deep dive into understanding why we are drawn to certain styles of yoga over others and how examining the habits of your practice can unleash new potential on and off the mat. 

Understanding why we are drawn to certain poses and not others is critical in stopping you from falling into the trap of avoidance or habit in your practice. This program is a guided map to different styles of yoga, and by using the philosophy of Medicine vs. Dessert you will be able to navigate the subtleties of poses, breathwork, and meditation in these styles in order to bring balance and clarity into your mind and body.


This program will help you:

> Set an intention for yourself that feels authentic and relevant 

> Become more aware of chronic behavior patterns and tendencies that may be harmful and unproductive on and off the mat 

> Learn why is it important to try different instructors and mix up different styles of yoga 

> Learn the overall purpose of different yoga class styles so you are better informed on which is the best option based on your mind, body and spirit’s strengths and weaknesses


This program will ultimately help you weave all this knowledge into each pose, class and in all the things you do! 


The program includes: 

> A kick off Zoom meeting (November 8th)

> Access to our video library for the duration of the program

> Daily email prompts to help you explore your habits and ‘shadow areas’

> A 30 minute one on one private Warm Welcome session (on our patio or over zoom)

> An audio meditation sequence 

> A live (or virtual) class on November 15th *this class is 90 minutes and can be done via Zoom livestream if preferred

> A final 90 minute workshop on November 22nd explaining how to design your own balanced yoga program and tie your medicine and dessert together (which can also be attended virtually)


When: This 14 day program runs from November 8th – 22nd 

Cost: $150 or early bird pricing of $125 (ends October 23rd)


We only have 8 spots available so now is the time to uplevel your yoga practice!


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