Fascial Release Yoga?

March 31, 2019 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Waynesville Yoga Center
274 S Main St
Waynesville, NC 28786
Waynesville Yoga Center


MFR is an acronym for Myofascial Release.  “Cool” , you say.  Clear as mud now, right?  Let me explain further…

Fascia is the body’s integral connective tissue.  It weaves around every organ, nerve and muscle.  It is a continuous connective NETWORK throughout the whole body.  We’ve all heard and understand the concept of  “referred pain.”  That is due to the fascial network- so that pain in your neck, could indeed be because of deeply held tensions in your hips.

MFR Yoga is a marriage of traditional yoga postures and fascial release techniques using props and gentle hands on adjustments.  It is it’s own unique entity, similar yet different to traditional yin and restorative classes as it’s goal and aim, is not only relaxation and muscular stretching, but the elongation and release of the fascial system.  It is extraordinarily relaxing, and profoundly effective in opening up “stuck” places in your body.

“But it hurts…..”   You may have experienced some fascial release techniques that indeed are a bit….intense.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Using the John Barnes method of fascial release recruits you as the main participant in your practice.  You get to decide where your hot or trigger points exist and the intensity of your MFR yoga practice.  It’s a “good pain” and feels actually really wonderful, not only afterwards, but while you are in the poses.

So if you are feeling “stuck” in yoga poses and not getting deeper, despite regular practice, this class is for you.  If you suffer from chronic pain, MFR Yoga can help you. If you want to deepen your meditation practice, MFR is a profound tool for accessing deeper states.  If you just want to deeply relax and feel good in your body, give MFR Yoga a try!

Space is limited: to save yours, register on our class calendar – or call 828.246.6570 – or email hello@waynesvilleyogacenter.com

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Waynesville Yoga Center
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