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The Sacred Self: An Evening of Breathwork

November 16, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Waynesville Yoga Center
274 S Main St
Waynesville, NC 28786
$15.00 or 1 class credit
Waynesville Yoga Center
Join Katie for a night of breathing, releasing, and nourishing
Pranayama = “Prana means life-force or breath sustaining the body; Ayama translates as “to extend or draw out.” Together the two mean breath extension or control.”
This pranayama technique is an active-meditation that encourages stagnant energy to shift and flow throughout your physical, mental, and emotional body.  You will have the opportunity, through breath, to release old narratives, allowing room for you to discover and fully step into what’s calling you.
With the assistance of curated essential oils (specifically designed for each energy center, aka…chakra”), beautiful herbs, music, and intuitive instruction, you will experience the sacred space that nourishes and supports your journey inward.
The breathwork will walk alongside you.
The breathwork takes you on your own personal experience.
The breathwork supports discovery of your own internal landscape, maybe for the first time.
You will leave our time together feeling lighter, clearer, and more expansive.
What breathwork can do for you:
  • Re-program limiting beliefs & behaviors that can make you feel “stuck”
  • Improve energy levels
  • Relieve mental, physical, and emotional stress
  • Support the release of anxiety and depression
  • Find mental clarity by reconnecting you to your innate personal wisdom
  • Process and FREE strong emotions. (like grief, fear, or anger)
  • Support addiction recovery
  • Heal family lineage
  • Deepen your personal spiritual-connection
  • Reveal and nurture your personal intuitive gift-ings

$15 drop-in // or 1 class credit // Space is limited: to save yours, register on our class calendar – or call 828.246.6570 – or email

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