Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork

June 17, 2023 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Waynesville Yoga Center
274 S Main St
NC 28786
Waynesville Yoga Center
Come one, come all. Come as you are. Come to the eternal fountain. Come drink from the wellspring of your soul. Come meet the Beloved and be filled.

With each waxing day as the Sun approaches its zenith, we can also feel our own energy rising. Life force Prana is rising from the Earth to fill every living being; every seed sprouts, every flower blooms, every tree leafs with the life affirming energy of Prana.

Can you feel your own energy stirring into action? What are you being called to bring to life?

As we bask in the days of fullness and vitality, we are poised to touch the life-giver within ourselves. We come closer to understanding the aspect of Self that knows its oneness with all life; we are the Weaver and the woven one, the Dreamer and the dream. As the mystical poet Rumi said, “to find the Beloved, you must become the Beloved.”

Join Kirsten & Amber for a special Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork workshop on June 17th, where we will open our practice to deep self-love.

Self- love as a healing practice is the foundation for all love. When we experience deep self-love, judgements and criticisms of self and others fall away. Our sense of separation dissolves and we open ourselves to accept the Love, Joy & Abundance that is always being given through life-giving Prana. When we live from self-love the flow of abundance opens to us as we are able to give and receive without a sense of lack or unworthiness. Ultimately, deep self-love is as a key, to open ourselves to the blissful union with the Beloved, the Divine union between the self and the Self.


In this Yoga & Shamanic Breathwork workshop you will:

  • Receive practical teachings to work with self-love in your daily practice.
  • Clear the chakras and release old or stuck energy patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Connect with your own inner Beloved and receive healing guidance for your life now.
  • Set intentions to carry this connection forward into the future.

The Shamanic Breathwork process includes:

  • Sacred Space- the protected container required for release, renewal and transformation
  • The Breath- a cyclical breathwork technique that takes the breather into the inner psyche
  • Journey Music- chakra attuned music that guides the journey and shakes up stuck energy
  • Bodywork- gentle support to facilitate movement of energies & emotional release 
  • Shamanic Shakti Art Process- intuitive mandala art to ground the journey in non-linear form
  • Group Processing- dynamic support to integrate journeys through story, ritual and community

“Shamanic Breathwork is an outgrowth of depth psychology, ancient indigenous practices, addiction and co-dependency treatment, and modern mind-body medicine research.

In a safe and nurturing environment, you may open to expanded states of consciousness usually only experienced in dreaming: where self-healing is experienced.

This work allows you to release stuck emotions, free creative energy and reaffirm your connection with the divine, while group process aids you in discovering how to apply these healing experiences to everyday living.”

Judy Red Hawk, PhD, RDT

There are only nine spaces available for this workshop. Register below to save yours.

Cost: $88

Kirsten Baucom Earley is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Shamanic Minister, and Minister of the Blue Star Church. She has a BSEd in music education. She believes that music has the power to stir emotions and connect us to all parts of ourselves, past, present and future. She believes we each have the ability and the responsibility to claim our power, heal ourselves, and live in right relation with All Our Relations.


Amber Kleid (RYT – 500) is a Yoga & Mindfulness Mentor whose passion is helping women reconnect with themselves through movement, meditation, and practice setting sacred boundaries to help develop deeper Self-awareness. She is driven by her own transformation that yoga and mindfulness helped unfold when she stepped onto her mat in 2013 after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.

When joining her for class, you’ll be invited to explore the infinite possibilities that good self-care can provide both on and off the mat. Amber brings her silly sense of humor, creative sequencing, and everyone-is-welcome attitude into her classes for a refreshing experience from head to toe. 


Our mission is to provide a safe and accepting space where students can learn, heal, grow - and have fun! We work to create peace in our world, communities and families by first creating peace within ourselves.

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