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Join Us in Our Month of Gratitude!

When we shift our attention to gratitude, we invite love, acceptance, and patience into our lives, towards ourselves + others. When we make the time and allow ourselves the space to slow down, we can gain clarity and perspective on how we are acting and reacting to the world around us.  While yoga can certainly help you cultivate gratitude, we’ve put together a couple of exercises that might also bring about more positivity in your life. 

Keep a gratitude journal

Whether you want to do it daily or weekly, write down three things you are grateful for. It could be about a person, an experience, or just a moment in time. Add this to your routine by logging your thoughts over your morning coffee, before you start your workday or before going to bed. Some days it might be easier than others to acknowledge what it is you appreciate, but slowly you’ll see that writing them down will have you feeling more positive in general.

Write a letter of appreciation

Pick someone in your life that you want to express your appreciation for. Maybe you’ve had a rough go at it together lately, haven’t seen in a long time, or someone you feel has brought light to your life. If you have a hard time with words, perhaps choose a poem that touches on how you feel.

Set a gratitude alarm

Set an alarm and when it goes off, take 5 minutes to engage in a gratefulness mediation, jot down a list of things you’re grateful for that day, take a quiet walk to reflect or choose a song to play and dedicate your thoughts to someone or something for the entirety it.

Turn a moment around

In moments of frustration or anger, see if you can stop and counteract it with a smile and gratitude. Kids ruin your new rug? Forget eggs at the grocery store? Stuck in traffic? Take a few breaths, invite a moment of stillness, and see if you can turn it around.

Dedicate your yoga practice to someone

At the beginning of your yoga practice, choose someone you’d like to dedicate it to, sending them love and light for that hour of your day. Perhaps they’re someone who needs some strength right now, someone you care for deeply, or simply a kind acquaintance.

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