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On-Demand Programs

We’re excited to share our virtual program platform on Teachable with you, where you can access our programs when the time is right for YOU!

Our courses are thoughtful collaborations created with our students in mind. We hope you find the perfect program to support you on your journey to a balanced mind, body + spirit!

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Yoga Basics
Are you new to yoga – or coming back to yoga after an injury, break or baby?  This 5 class series is designed for beginners or those looking to re-learn the the fundamentals of a yoga practice, and is a solid way to explore your body + expand on your wellness journey.

We’ll break down the asanas for you in a video AND a step-by-step guide to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the poses work. The program is broken down into standing, seated, and balancing poses with a final class that helps you put it all together into a Vinyasa flow.

If you’re nervous to try your first in-person yoga class- start with this program!

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30 Day Reset
Are you eating your feelings or wolfing down food on the go? Do you feel anxious around mealtimes or food choices? Have you ever wondered how meditation may affect your food choices?

What if we approached food the same way we approach yoga?

Doesn’t it make sense to adapt our food choices and our approach to eating food to our bodies needs just like we adapt a yoga pose to our specific anatomy and physiology! This program will aid a mind/body realignment that will help you examine your eating habits, cravings, and introduce you to methods of mindful preparation.

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30 Days of Mindfulness
Do you want to see how much closer you can get to being the best version of yourself within 30 days? See what positive changes can happen if you commit to yoga, meditation, mindfulness and journaling!

This program asks that you commit to a recommended 5 days of yoga (minimum of 30 minutes) + 1 day of meditation + 1 day of rest over a 7 day period, as well as commit to a 30 day goal of your own.

There will be guided meditations, pre-recorded yoga sessions + mediations, and you’ll be asked to complete daily journal prompts to help you explore your relationships, internal narratives, and life purpose.

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30 Day Back Care Program
If you are willing to commit to really doing the work and healing your back pain once and for all, then we invite you to take charge and make the necessary changes in your daily life to make this possible!

In this 30 day program you will learn:

* How to keep your back and spine strong and free of injury

* How to identify your “poor posture” pain points and what may be causing them

* Simple ways to restore proper alignment to your spine from top to bottom

* The best poses and stretches to release chronically tight muscles and strengthen chronically weak or underdeveloped muscles

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Yoga For Zzz
Ready to drift off into a great night’s sleep? Yoga is the perfect way to reclaim your pathway to dreamland!

Yoga for ZZzzzs: Finding calm, rest & relaxationis a virtual 7-day program designed to promote mindful awareness, whole body wellness, rest, relaxation + a good night’s sleep.

As you transition through the ups and downs of life and the seasons, taking time to focus on our personal well-being and the overall health benefits of a good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated! This program will be the perfect way to wind down at the end of a long day!

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Yoga Teacher Mentorship
Are you ready to teach yoga but not yet confident enough in your skills as a teacher? Or have you been teaching yoga for a while but feel like your teaching style is stale or stuck in a rut?

This mentorship program will help you evolve and grow as a teacher, coming into tune with your own original style and brand as you carve out a special niche for your classes and offerings.

This is a 12-week mentorship program designed to help yoga teachers that are still struggling with teaching yoga and/or yoga teachers that are looking to change things up and feeling that their classes are stale or stuck in the same old routine that does not inspire them anymore!

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Yoga For Osteoporosis & Osteopenia
Are you avoiding going to yoga because you are not sure how to take care of your spine in a class?

Or are you aware that certain postural dysfunction, such as sitting or standing with too much forward flexion in your spine can potentially raise your risk of fractures? If you would like the answers to these questions and more, join this incredible virtual program full of great tips and information on keeping your bones healthy and strong!

This program will be specifically designed for those individuals who have Osteoporosis or Osteopenia so they will feel more comfortable participating in a yoga program.

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Yoga For Caregivers
Are you a paid caregiver—or been doing the unpaid work of taking care of family members or friends and looking for ways to avoid or manage the burnout?

This is a virtual program for those of you who are exhausted from the daily work of caregiving, in whatever capacity you are doing it. We all know that when you are doing the hard work of caregiving sometimes it isn’t possible to find a full hour to take a regular yoga class and this program gives you options for a busy schedule.

The hope is that this program offers you some tools to take care of yourself in the “cracks” of daily life—those moments waiting at a red light, or in line at the store, or doing dishes.

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